The centre promotes balanced healthy diets for all children while they are attending the centre. In conjunction with our in-house cook and health care professionals specialised diets can be planned for those children who have allergies, intolerances or cultural requirements.

The centre has a summer and winter rotating menu program, each series runs for 24 weeks. The menus consist of a balance of Vegetarian, White and Red Meat dishes.

Late Snacks

A range of nutritious snacks are always available in the kitchen for staff to serve. Choices include; fresh/dried fruits, crackers, cheese, spreads, yoghurt and milk.

Younger Babies

The main meal is accompanied with pureed/mashed vegetables (pumpkin, broccoli, carrot and zucchini). Staff may modify the morning and afternoon tea to suit differing ages of children in room with pureed fruits, yoghurt.

We value your Feedback

We value input from families who may have suggestions regarding the planned menu or have some new recipes for us to try.


Families may bring food to celebrate their child’s birthday, this food must be purchased and not home-made, it also needs to have the ingredient list printed on the packaging and a use by date. Foods containing nuts must not be brought into the centre as we attempt to keep the centre a nut aware environment.


To view some of our most popular recipes, please click the link below

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