Our History

Opening in 1989 the centre was planned and built for the community by the Minister of Education.

Initially a steering committee was formed with interested persons from the community who volunteered their services and experience to accept handover of the building, plan operations, employ staff and oversee the opening and the first twelve months of the centre operations.

We are a not for Profit Community Child Care Centre

The centre continues to function as a not for profit community child care centre and is licensed by the Children’s Services Office of the Department of Children’s Services and Child Development.

Parent Involvement is Encouraged

A committee that consists of parents and certain centre staff meets each month, the responsibility of the day-to-day management, provision of services, and administration is delegated by the Committee to the Director.

Each year the committee hold an Annual General Meeting at which the next volunteer committee is elected; three staff members also form part of this group. The parent management committee ensures the future success of the centre by planning annual budgets that ensure the future financial viability of the centre and also by employing staff that are experienced and those that reflect the local culture of the Surrey Downs community.

Acknowledging the Importance of the Early Years

The centre has seen little physical change to the building during its 31 years, but the operations that happen within have seen dramatic changes. The acknowledgement of the importance of the early years, SACSA Framework, Accreditation and now the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standards have seen increasing importance of rich learning environments, highly trained staff, and by providing safe and nurturing environments in which social interactions and further learning through play and exploration are encouraged.

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